PHOTO: COURTESY OF FASHIONPHILE, papuci de spital inflorati
papuci de spital inflorati, Does the shopping experience of buying a whole set of clothes to match a pair of shoes sound familiar? Footwear items are not only daily necessities, but also the finishing touch to fashion wear, and their status in mass consumption and fashion trends continues to improve. This spring, CHIC's footwear segment took advantage of the trend. While gathering more high-quality footwear brands and highlighting trend propositions, together with the FN International Shoes, it held a discussion forum full of fashion attitudes and industry heights; co-created with Wonderland The shoe art exhibition, spreading the trendy shoe culture in a new interactive form. Who is FN that even Rihanna and Christian Louboutin love? Footwear News (FN) is one of the most authoritative shoe journals in the world. Since its inception in 1945, it has been committed to the latest and most professional fashion trends, business news, hot topics and other first-hand information in the field of footwear. So far, the subscribers of the FN website have reached 10 million. More than 200 singers, actors, supermodels and designers including Sarah Jessica Parker and Christian Louboutin have appeared on the cover of FN and accepted interviews. As the top streaming media in the shoe industry, the international Chinese version of Footwear News-FN International Shoe News and CHIC have joined forces, and will focus on annual hot topics such as market changes, consumerism, shoe design, and the digital age.

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